Sous Vide Boston Butt

Boston Butt

Prep Time 1 hr
Cook Time 1 d
Course Main Course
Cuisine American


Sous Vide Ingredients

  • 2.5 kg Pork shoulder bone-in, 100%
  • 125 g Honey 5%
  • 12.5 g Liquid smoke 0.5%

Dry cure

  • 50 g Smoked salt 2% for the dry cure
  • 2.5 g Prague Powder #1 0.1% for the dry cure
  • 125 g Brown sugar 5% for the dry cure

Spice Rub

  • 25 g Smoked paprika dulce, for the rub
  • 30 g Brown sugar for the rub
  • 25 g Black pepper coarsely ground, for the rub
  • 25 g Mustard seed ground, for the rub
  • 10 g Garlic powder for the rub
  • 5 g Onion powder for the rub


  • Pre-mix dry cure for meat before bagging with Brown Sugar, Smoke Salt, Prague Powder and Black Pepper.
  • After adding meat to bag add honey and liquid smoke
  • Cook Sous vide for 24 hrs
  • 149F for firm Steaky texture (This version allows more bark since it doesn’t fall apart)
  • 176F for Fall apart tender texture (Most people liked this version more)
  • Make Spice rub with Brown sugar, smoked paprika, black pepper, mustard seed, garlic powder, and onion powder.
  • Make Elixer from
  • Build bark with elixer in spray bottle and rub
  • Put it on the grill for 30 min with some smoke on the indirect low heat side

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