Sourdough Pizza Crust

Sourdough Pizza Crust

Our favorite pizza dough after discovering it a few weeks ago. Worth the prep time!
Prep Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 1 min
Servings 3 pizzas


  • 680 grams filtered water at room temperature
  • 150 grams sourdough starter vigorous @ 100% hydration works best
  • 1000 grams bread flour
  • 20 grams sea salt
  • 28 grams olive oil


  • Add the water and starter together in a large mixing bowl and stir well
  • Add the bread flour and then put the salt on top
  • Mix the dough into a shaggy mass.
  • If there are any dry spots in the dough, add a table spoon at at time of alternating starter and water and mix between each addition until it is moist throughout
  • Oil a large dough container by pouring in 28 grams of oil
  • Place mixed dough into the oiled container. Put a cover on the container.
  • After one hour fold the dough, folding in the oil at the same time.
  • Continue to use the stretch and fold method to incorporate the oil once an hour for the next four to five hours or until the dough is done fermenting. The dough is done fermenting when it is soft, stretchy, bubbly and will pull a nice windowpane.
  • Place the dough into an oiled container and refrigerate overnight. The secret to stretching a great pizza crust is to allow the dough to sit undisturbed overnight so the gluten can rest and relax completely .
  • The next day, take dough out of fridge 2-3 hours before using to allow the dough to warm up
  • Pre-heat your oven & pizza stone 40 minutes beforehand as hot as it will go (mine goes to 525F)
  • Cut out a square of parchment paper large enough for your pizza dough to sit on
  • Cut out a hunk of dough and use gravity to stretch dough by rotating it before setting down on parchment paper. Be gentle and try not to pop the bubbles in the dough. Once it touches the parchment paper it is difficult to adjust the shape much.
  • Oil the flattened dough on the parchment paper
  • For best results allow the pizza crusts to proof for 30 minutes before topping or cooking, but you can bake immediately if pressed for time.
  • Top with sauce and toppings and bake until the bottom of the crust is covered in brown crusty areas and the toppings look baked (about 10-14 minutes depending on the oven temp & dough thickness)


Tip: The reason to add the oil to the container and fold the oil and dough together slowly over time, is to allow the gluten to bond before incorporating the oil. The oil will shorten the gluten and make the crust softer and tender and this recipe is for a more chewy & crusty crust.

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